Artem is a fan character by Taylor Gorrell appearing in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. One of the Synthetic Angels and the younger brother of Zetsin, he is Pit's first new ally in the battle against the Synthetics.


Artem is a young-looking Synthetic Angel, appearing at around 12 (or 8-9, if you believe Sakurai) like Viridi. He has short black hair and light green eyes, wearing a futuristic-looking version of Pit's outfit, colored light blue and trimmed with dark blue. His wings are dark blue with dull feathers.


Artem is mature-minded, intelligent, and slightly irritable, often groaning at the jokes exchanged by Pit and Palutena. However, he does have a sense of humor, sometimes throwing in his own jokes. Artem keeps in high spirits, usually smiling. He has no qualms with the humans or angels, but like the rest of the Synthetic Angels, he has some slight trust issues with the gods, but these issues dispel as the game goes on. He holds high respect for Parshath, calling him "Lord Parshath" even while on Pit's side, even though he believes Parshath is wrong in terms of the invasion.


Artem is among the Synthetic Angels that appear during the first invasion, but a friendly fire attack nails him, sending him careening to the ground, injured. Pit takes him back to Skyworld, originally to have him as an informant, but when Artem volunteers to help Pit against the Synthetics, he becomes a full-fledged ally. He upgrades Pit's weapons with Synthetic tech, allowing him to harm Synthetic Angels. His knowledge of Synthetic creatures is transmitted to Pit through Palutena. Upon his reunion with Zetsin, he manages to convince Zetsin to help them, provided Pit or Trip can defeat them both in battle.

Artem runs the Arms Altar, selling, fusing, and dismantling weapons for you. He also has one of the Treasure Hunts in the game, alongside Ohka, Orichon, and Parshath. His picture is of Palutena and her army, including himself and Pit.


While weapon knowledge is basic for Synthetic Angels, Artem is very skilled in weapon-working, as noted by Dyntos, as he updates Pit's weapons with the ability to hurt Synthetic Angels. In his battle with Zetsin, Artem uses a Cannon weapon to attack you from afar while Zetsin attacks up close.


  • Artem is named after Artemis, goddess of the hunt. It is also similar to "arm", as in "arms" (weapons).
  • Artem's color scheme, partnership with Zetsin, his blue coloring in constrast to Zetsin's red, and the use of a Cannon with powerful charged shots makes Artem a reference to Mega Man X.
  • Artem and Zetsin's names start with opposite letters of the alphabet: A subtle reference to Alpha and Omega (although Artem is the inferior brother compared to Zetsin).