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The Aurum (オーラム o-ramu) are a species of aliens in Kid Icarus: Uprising not allied with any other god or goddess. Though their actual names cannot be fully pronounced, Palutena revealed that she took the liberty with how to pronounce their names. Pyrrhon knows a lot about them.

This page is for any of their appearances in fangames.

New EnemiesEdit

Kid Icarus: The Mother GoddessEdit

The Aurum make a brief reappearace in The Mother Goddess, being one of the main enemies in the first few chapters of the game. It turns out that some of the Aurum survived their destruction in Uprising and have once more begun to colonize in space, although their numbers are much smaller than they were previously. They experience a huge fluctuation in troops after aligning themselves with the Chaos Kin, as the monster can create copies of them. The Aurum Brain also reappears, this time fused with the ashes of the Chaos Kin. This makes them much stronger than it was when bonded to Pyrrhon. Regular Aurum troops also show the ability to fuse with other entities, as shown in the creation of Aurum Gaol, although it does take a lot of troops to do this.

There are three Aurum weapons in this game: the Aurum Mask, the Aurum Disc, and Aurum Daggers. They are unlocked after defeating the Aurum Brain.

Kid Icarus: Clash of AngelsEdit

While no actual Aurum troops appear in Clash of Angels, they are mentioned a few times, such as Trip calling Elced an "Aurum reject".

Kid Icarus: The 8-Bit AdventureEdit

No Aurum troops appear in the 8-Bit Adventure, but they are mentioned to be the creation of the virus.

Kid Icarus: Defender of LightEdit

The Aurum make an appearance in Defender of Light in chapters 12, 13, and 23. In Chapter 12, Pit and Dark Pit are on their way through the Galactic Sea to steal the Ancient Urn and mysterious power source from the Underworld army to slow their troop production, but this was used as bait as Hades' surprises them with an attack from Aurum Ships. He snagged quite a few ships from the battle in Uprising, and with the Aurm Brain gone, Hades' can use his own powers to control the ships and remaining Aurum forces inside. Hades' uses his powers to prevent Palutena 's "Power of Weak-point Exposure", allowing the assault on Pit and Dark Pit to be successful.

They become trapped in the ship in Chapter 12, and almost destroy its Power Core, but Dark Pit is wisked out, and Pit knocked unconsious, allowing Aurum Pits to be made, which assault a human town. To save the town, Pit, and face the other ships, Dark Pit takes control over an Aurum Destroyer using the Ice Crystal. Later Chapter 23, Aurum Ships are seen and fought using the Space Pirate Ship.