• Yeemania

    Its called Kid icarus: Shrek is love shrek is life the game is a fanmade crosssover between internet memes and the internet shrek lore and kid icarus 

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  • GearWax

    New "music weapon" ideas

    February 7, 2017 by GearWax

    I was really surprised that in the first game, there wasn't any sound-based weapon in any form. So I had an idea to introduce a sound-based weapon to each of the 9 existing classes (plus 3 classes of my creation). I'm also doing them in order of IMO worst to best classes.


    The blade on the side of the Guitar Cannon makes it very well-suited for melee, and its dash attacks are also very powerful. It also is significantly lighter than other cannons, and its shots can confuse enemies. However, it lacks the power and range typical of other cannons, and its shots travel slowly.


    The cymbal arm fires a ring-shaped charged shot which can do a lot of damage. It has the most powerful melee attack of any arm as well, however it su…

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  • Raidortherandomdude020

    some stuff

    November 9, 2015 by Raidortherandomdude020

    update: only 1 fanfic per month

    and im planning a special fanfic for the holidays

    test page: the 3 viruses

    it were 3 viruses generated by magic dust in outer space

    they entered spaceships gathering stuff

    3 viruses

    the good one

    the evil one

    and the netural one

    each one had an objective

    find an human to help in their journerys

    the powers of each virus:

    1 dispense items (tools,weapons,et cetera)

    2 armor mode(turns into an armor)

    3 they can talk

    additional info about my 3 characters (i will send pics soon)

    weapons of the characters

    drake: the fold over blade

    common boomerangs

    dan: the  fold over axe

    also common boomerangs

    hailey: cuteness energy bow

    common boomerangs

    i will turn my fanfic: drake the spaceshawnk redemption

    into a game

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  • Raidortherandomdude020

    more ideas


    drake: the spaceshawnk redemption  (parody of the shawnshank redemption)

    the story of how drake stopped the plan and got out of the spaceshawnk clan

    drake: return at spaceshawnk

    the emperror of the clan rises again and drake returns for some revenge


    1 hailey

    one of the mutated that drake met

    the age mutation is common in all

    another mutation that she have: wings

    personality: sweet cute good and innocent

    also ended in angel land the same way as drake

    2 dan

    the another one that drake met

    the mutations are the same of drake exept that he have a wolf tail

    personality: same as dark pit only more evil

    hailey and dan have constant discussions (good hates evil and vice versa)

    drake dosent care about it

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  • Raidortherandomdude020

    here is the history of my character:

    drake were abandoned by his parents and captured by the spaceshawnk space clan

    he were part of an experiment of the clan (that is how he got the mutations) and trained to use weapons

    after discovering the plan of using the mutated ones as slaves he decided to put an end on the plan by:

    1 impressing him earning his confidence

    2 throwing him at the outer space

    3 also throwing to the outer space the plans

    4 escaping

    the escape route got wrong and then he went to the orther world (angel land)

    then he met n virus and orther 2 pepole (i will introduce them later)

    the idea of the game

    kid icarus: timechronicles

    plot: pit,drake and link are put into the ntportal (nt stands for nintendo timeline)

    and go through all eras of t…

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  • Raidortherandomdude020

    mini update: ill post fanfics mothly

    here is another quick fanfic

    a very busy day

    drake: BOOORED!!! again. lets try making a lot of stuff. n virus

    n virus ok *printing up a list*

    the list:

    1 fininsh wall running training

    2 experience training with new weapons

    3 ultimate course

    drake: *reading the list* okay

    at the forest...

    n virus: down right up barrel roll (barrel roll means frontflip)

    drake:*doing what n virus said*

    drake: done, lets start the weapon training, but the only problem is that i only have one weapon!

    n virus: no problem, i have c type weapons weapons in my inventory

    n virus dispenses all types of weapons in the c type

    (all weapons including the fan mades)

    (c type means common type does small amount of damage)

    drake: cool

    after the weapon train…

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  • Raidortherandomdude020

    another quick fanfic story

    busting boredom

    drake: im bored what you suggest to do n virus?

    n virus: go to the forest i will teach you some new skills what you can do with the wall running skills

    drake: cool

    they reached in the forest

    drake: be quick teaching the stuff my skill just last 5 minutes and you cant extend the time limit!

    n virus: ok. thanks for letting me know

    n virus: here is the basic moves: run up and run down on the logs

    drake:*doing what n virus told* next move please

    n virus: ok. this is another basic move: you re running on the right side. try jumping to the left side and then the right side

    drake: *doing what n virus told* done

    n virus: this is the last of the basic moves: diagonal jump. you re running on the bottom right side. try …

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  • Raidortherandomdude020

    here is the idea for an character and a quick fanon story

    the idea for the character will be turned into a page soon =D

    new type: syntetic humans

    they re just like normal humans but with mutations, the most common m mutation is  have an certain  age but their physical appearançe are half the age, additional mutations may vary

    ex: 26 years but look like 13

    the idea:

    name: drake

    age: same as pit

    species: syntethic human

    syntetic human mutations: a fox tail,the age mutation, he also is mutated by the n virus wich is a netural version of the virus (the virus were introducted in secret chapter 1)

    what he  looks: his hair is same as pit but the only difference is one part of the hair covers the left eye and he dont wear golden leaves in the hair

    he wears s…

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  • TheAngelofZues
    • To players- a bestie , bro 
    • To Dark Pit- a Twin
    • To Palutena - A close friend

    • To Viridi - A friend
    • To Medusa - a enemy
    • To Him(Hades) - a enemy( haters going to hate)
    • To Magnus - a late co-friend
    • To Gaol - a simple message r boy
    • To Dynos - a young warrior
    • To the Chariot Master- a determined warrior
    • To the Underworld - a pest
    • To the Aurum- a pest
    • To the forces of nature- I don't know yet
    • To Palutena`s Army - duh a boss
    • But finally to me- a partner in saving the universe
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  • Jem Angels

    Chapter 1

    A Broken Angel (Jem)

    Falling... Falling... I... was falling... Falling fast... Falling dangerously fast.. But, the question is... Why? Why was I falling? Why did this happen? Well, I only remember being angry. But I should really tell you the whole story, right? Well, here it goes. Oh... You probably might be wondering how I'm telling you my story as I'm plummeting to my death. I promise it's going to be a quick story...

    My name is Jemina Angelos. I live within a royal family, which i do so happily love. This means that I'm a princess, and since I was the oldest sister, I am to be married in 3 more years. That also means arranged marriages... Ick. The worst part about this is that my parents had already chosen my future husband! Ugh…

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  • Kindmanxyz

    Dyntos' Rise

    September 2, 2012 by Kindmanxyz

    As you know, I am the creator, and should be the only Author that does not need permission to edit it. I think It will take a very long time to complete, but thanks to a special someone, I am both angry and thankful at Nign360, he helped me make the story a bit better, but, because he edited it without permission. Please, anyone who reads this, tell me how you'd feel about that, thank you.

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  • SkyRider3217

    Fanon AR Cards

    September 1, 2012 by SkyRider3217

    I have been doing some AR cards for some time.. I am thinking of giving the template... but there is a problem. The files are Photoshop documents(*.psd) and I cannot post them. The reason why its that document type is because editing all this requires layers. I may have to make a blank on like this(as a *.png):

    EXAMPLE! This is only used for Themed Fighters.

    But it's much easier to edit if they're in layers(so then you can only change certain parts of the picture without messing up the entire image) If you want this as a Photoshop document with the layers, you need to have either Photoshop(not really recomended since it cost ya' some money) or GIMP(FREE), then I would have to send you by e-mail (since I can't think of any other way).


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  • Superbanannaman


    July 21, 2012 by Superbanannaman

    So recently I noticed that a few people have been using my new weapons (masks, discs, and daggers). I'm totally fine with that, but don't really want those original pages to be cluttered with the new variations that you guys come up with, so I'm going to ask that you put any new variation of these weapons in the New Weapons page or just make a separate page using the name of the weapon and the name of your game (e.g. Mask Variations in [insert name of game here]). Thanks!

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  • Ngin360

    Kid icarus dyntos rise

    July 20, 2012 by Ngin360

    my new fan made game dyntos rise is going to be very very long and hard but not that hard check on kid icarus:dyntos rise to see what ive done im not finshed but i got along way to go. need help go to my message wall and i'll see if theres anything i can help with.

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  • Kawaii Hipster

    My Intro

    July 16, 2012 by Kawaii Hipster

    Hi, everyone. I am a fan of Kid Icarus. The first game of the Kid Icarus series I played was Uprising. I pre-ordered it so I got to experiance the 3D classic of id Icarus. Kid Icarus has been one of my top gaming series that I have played and enjoy.

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  • Hades 97

    Phoenix 97 Admin

    June 4, 2012 by Hades 97

    I have given Phoenix 97 admin rights, so you can now you can also go to him with your needs.

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  • Hades 97

    New Admin

    June 3, 2012 by Hades 97

    Phoenix 97 is the new admin on the wiki. So if you have any questions please go to him too.

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  • Jacko128


    June 3, 2012 by Jacko128

    I need some help for a story

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  • Phoenix 97


    June 2, 2012 by Phoenix 97

    If you need help come to me

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  • Kingkillerbee

    Hello everyone. I am the author of Kid Icarus: Vengeance of Hades, a fledgling story that I might finish in a few months(yes, months, I try to put as much ideas as I can) and I constantly need ideas. This blog is for suggesting anything for my story(I would rather use this than a message page), from character or chapter ideas or weapons. I would thank the support.

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  • Hades 97

    Community Meeting

    June 1, 2012 by Hades 97

    There is going to be a meeting on the Kid Icarus Wiki (not this one). More details are on the blog on the other wiki with the same title. I dont know how many people will see this so if you do please post a message below.

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  • Phoenix 97


    May 28, 2012 by Phoenix 97


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  • Lace1234


    I have created a new weapon type (Fists). Feel free to use this in your games, but don't edit the content. That is why it's not in Free to Use. If you have any ideas, post them onto this blog (I think you can do that!).

    You might've also seen my new game, sorry, scratch that. I created it and anyone can edit it. Feel free to edit it, although I have put some things I would like doing when you go on it. They are listed at the top of the page. Follow this link to get to it.

    I also mean to get round to adding a chapter-by-chapter explaination of Kid Icarus: Being of the Mirror. I just need to find time.

    Well, I guess we'll see if I ever get round to writing another blog...

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  • Superbanannaman


    May 7, 2012 by Superbanannaman

    Aight, let's try this blog thing out.

    So, as you may know, I'm working on my sequel to Uprising. It's pretty awesome I think, and I've written up to Chapter 20 (posted only 12, due to time constraints). But I'm stuck. I know where I want the story to go, I just dont exactly know how to get it there. I also need more suggestions for characters and other features. It would be great if some people could gimme some help here.

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