The Boots are a fan-made weapon type introduced in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. As would be expected, they are worn overtop Pit or Trip's normal shoes.

Any ideas for Boots weapons are welcome and appreciated.


Boots come in pairs, like Orbitars, Claws, and Wings. They naturally do not alter speed, but depending on the model, speed can change change either way drastically, e.g. a light pair (Senku Boots) would chage speed for the better, but a heavy pair (Pisces Boots) could make a speed decrease, Boots turn walking into a form of attack, sending out small damaging waves with each step taken. Rapid-fire shots are fired from the bottoms of the Boots, and Charge Shots are fired by Pit or Trip hopping up, then slamming back down. This, unfortunately, makes a Charge Shot vulnerable to being interrupted. Melee combos with Boots are a 4-stage kicking combo.


Leather Boots - The standard Boots outfitted with special Synthetic tech on the bottoms for combat capabilities.

Senku Boots - A copy of the Boots used by Senku, these Boots give a great speed boost, but see their melee power suffer.

Pisces Boots - The Zodiac Weapon bearing the sign of Pisces. Quite heavy, boosting melee power and decreasing speed. Their affinity to water has an unexpected effect: Any healing effects are boosted.

More to come...