A Cucumber Wizard is an enemy appearing in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. One of the Synthetics, it is the counterpart to the dreaded Eggplant Wizard.


Cucumber Wizards are green-skinned humanoids with bumpy skin on the head, white hair, two red eyes, and no mouth. They are always dressed in dark orange magician cloaks with a green sash, the cloaks having sleeves for their bare hands, and wearing black sandals. The staffs they hold are brown wood with a V-shape piece on top, a cucumber resting within the V.


Cucumber Wizards act very much like like Eggplant Wizard, throwing arcing green projectiles that can turn Pit or Trip into a walking cucumber. However, Palutena or Viridi will remove the curse after a short time. If the player is unlucky enough to approach the Cucumber Wizard while transformed, it will try to smack you with its staff.


Pit's Version

- Before room

Pit: Hey Artem, I have a question.

Artem: What is it?

Pit: You Synthetics don't have Eggplant Wizards, do you? Those things are annoying.

Artem: Synthetics don't add Organics to their armies, so we don't have any Eggplant Wizards.

Pit: Whew... that's a relief.

- Enter room *Wizard drops in*

Artem: Unfortunately, we DO have Cucumber Wizards.

Pit: Oh, come on! Just when I thought this game was free of these things!

Artem: Make sure you keep moving. If that guy turns you into a cucumber, he might try to whack you with that staff.

Palutena: There is one silver lining in this.

Pit: What's that?

Palutena: Cucumbers taste better than eggplants.

Artem: *sarcastic* Yeah, that makes EVERYthing better.

Trip's Version

- Before room

Trip: *holding stomach* Ooog...

Ohka: What is the matter, Trip?

Trip: Last night's dinner still isn't sitting right with me. Viridi, what did you put in that stuff?

Viridi: Let's see... Some tomatoes, some avocados, some onions, some cucumbers...

Trip: CUCUMBERS?! Viridi, you idiot! I'm allergic to cucumbers!

Viridi: Quit being such a baby! There wasn't even that much in there!

Ohka: If Trip is allergic to cucumbers, what awaits will not be pleasant.

- Enters room *Wizard drops in*

Trip: *exasperated* You've gotta be kidding me...

Ohka: Enemy identified. Cucumber Wizard. Primary method of attacking is to change opponents into a walking cucumber, unable to attack or defend. It may also use its staff to attack.

Viridi: The Eggplant Wizard's probably ticked that his job got taken over. Just watch out for the cucumber bombs.

Trip: *gulps* Cucumbers in my dinner... Walking cucumber mages... Magic that can turn ME into a cucumber... *gags* I think I'm gonna hurl.