Discs are fan-made weapons introduced in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. They are only usable by Orphus .

Attributes Edit

Discs are Weapons that can be thrown at the enemy much like a frisbee. They return to Orphus like a boomerang, and therefore have a slow firing rate. They slow Orphus down a little bit but deal massive damage to enemies.


Light DiscEdit

A Disc created from the aura of Palutena herself. Due to its light weight, it does not slow Orphus down. It has a very fast firing rate, but does a fairly low amount of damage.

Drachma DiscEdit

A gold Disc with the face of a coin. It slows Orphus down considerably due to its weight, but does a fair amount of damage on impact. This Disc also doubles the amount of hearts Orphus earns from defeating enemies.

Saw DiscEdit

A blade taken from a circular saw. This Disc has fast melee attacks but a slow firing rate. It deals high damage, and has a very long range.

Olympic DiscEdit

A Disc used in the human Olympic Games. This Disc is particular in that the higher the difficulty is, the more damage it does and the more it slows Orphus down.

Aurum DiscEdit

This Disc isn't really a weapon, it's actually a defect Aurum soldier! This Disc has different shot ranges depending on how many hearts Orphus is holding and speeds up depending on how many enemies have been defeated in the chapter so far. Aside from these characteristics, it acts like a normal Disc.