This is a weapon exclusive in my fanfic & by Chong Kah How 07:05, May 8, 2012 (UTC).

This weapon was a pair of guns that was recommended for Afreed.


This weapon's specialty is continuous firing while charged shot is firing 2 large projectiles at the same time. Its melee attacks includes blank-point shots combined with kicks & jumps. But this weapon's weakness, is that the power of one shot is very weak & it would be wise to use neither continous firing or melee attacks.


Chain Trigger - A pair of guns that was used as Afreed's first weapons.

Dagger Guns - Instead of bullets, this guns shots daggers at enemies, piercing them with great force. These guns charge shots is firing 2 rotating swords at the enemies.

Frost Barrels - With a Freeze stone equipped in each guns, they can unleashed bullets that can freeze enemies by chance. The charge shots of these guns are pointy ice-bullets while the shots are shooting snowballs. Also, the melee shots are long ice needles.

Aqua Trigger - These guns are enchanted with the power of the seas. Due to that, it can fire water bullets at enemies.