Erednay is a fan character by Taylor Gorrell appearing in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. One of the Synthetic Angels, she initially seems to be a helpful character, but she is a mentally ill antagonist and wants Pit all to herself.


Erednay appears as a 16-year-old (or 12-13 if you believe Sakurai) girl, the same age as Pit and Trip, having shoulder-length dark pink hair and blue eyes. She wears the standard female Synthetic Angel outfit, colored white with a pink hue and accented with red. Her wings are pink with sharp feathers. Palutena comments that she is "too pink".


Erednay seems to be a girl with an innocent mind and a happy demeanor. However, her actions toward Pit paint her as an obsessive girl who will do anything and wipe out anyone to get Pit, also acting akin to a stalker.


When Erednay first appears, she catches sight of Pit and immediately falls head over heels in love with him, but has to fight him. After Pit defeats her, Erednay develops a habit of following (stalking) him, even to Skyworld, where she becomes very jealous of Palutena's bond with Pit.

Erednay shows up multiple times later as a mini-boss or in cutscenes trying to impress, flirt with, or just outright claim Pit as hers, but he either is oblivious, is uncomfortable, or is saved by coincidence. When Pit and Palutena become a couple, Erednay becomes boiling mad and invades Palutena's Temple with the intent to kill the goddess, but ends up defeated and killed herself by Pit's quick actions.


Like all Synthetic Angels, Erednay has basic weapon knowledge. Her weapon of choice is a giant boomerang with a heart in the center. Since it is not one of the twelve Weapon types, this boomerang is not unlockable.


  • Erednay's name is a reversal of "yandere", the character type she portrays, being someone whose love and devotion to another person raises to a level that is scary, psychotic, and often destructive.