The Forces of Nature is led by Viridi. All of her troops are made of natural materials and she herself is very caring towards the trees and animals (except for humans). The main commanders are Phosphora, Arlon, and Cragalanche.

Kid Icarus: The Mother GoddessEdit

The Forces of Nature return as an ally in The Mother Goddess. They are commanded by Viridi, with lower-ranking lieutenants being Dark Pit, Arlon, and Phosphora.
180px-Forces of nature

Forces of Nature Symbol

Kid Icarus: RequiemEdit

Viridi and her forces aid Palutena and Pit in their fight with the malevolent forces.

Kid Icarus: Defender of LightEdit

The Fources of Nature return, first seen in the air battle of Chapter 2, fighting Underworld enemies. Throughout the game, their fources are sent by Viridi and make apearances, including Arlon the Serene, Phosphora , and the god of plants, Holer. They have a few new troops (descriptions to be added) including Trukals, Dazeys, Lortaces, Trangles, and Crigalanges. They apear in Chapter 8 again, Arlon the Serene and other forces helping them to stealthily get to Precipitous, the God of Rain, in Chpater 9 fighting against Orcos, and in other parts of the game.