Goku En is a fan character by Taylor Gorrell appearing in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. An imperfect clone of Ohka, Goku En replaces her in the Terrific Triad temporarily, but it is destroyed very soon after its debut. Being imperfect, Goku En is not considered a Synthetic Angel.


Goku En is identical in appearance to Ohka, but its outfit, wings, and eyes have been grayscaled, its skin being deathly pale. The Palm weapon it uses has been grayscaled as well.


Goku En is zombie-like, and therefore has no personality. Despite being a clone of a female, they always refer to Goku En as "it". Goryu is less than impressed with Goku En, and Senku calls it a complete bore.


After Ohka is taken in by Trip and Viridi, Goku En's creation has been started. When the clone is completed, Goryu and Senku immediately do not react well to it, Senku even asking (near begging) Ohka to rejoin them, but she refuses. After a battle, Goku En is quickly destroyed, Goryu and Senku being relieved to have it gone.


Being a clone of Ohka, Goku En has all of her skills, including its own version of the Ohka Palm, being the Goku En Palm. However, due to the zombie-like motions of it, Goku En is slow and has no thinking ability.


  • Goku En, along with Goryu, Ohka, and Senku, are named after the "Majestic/Malevolent Mech" cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.