Goryu is a character created by Taylor Gorrell appearing in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. One of the Synthetic Angels, he is an enemy of Pit and Trip for most of the story.


Goryu appears as a muscular man in his late 20s or early 30s, having short yet spiky dark blonde hair and green eyes. His outfit is standard, colored yellow and accented with orange, but the top piece of "cloth" is missing, letting the black piece underneath be seen. His wings are dark yellow with stiff feathers.


Goryu can be considered a gentle giant. Though he will fight if need be, he will take measures to keep his comrades safe from whatever he can. As with most Synthetic Angels, he dislikes and distrusts any gods he comes across, though he never gets visibly angry at them. However, anyone that attacks a human is instantly written into his bad list. Goryu speaks with a French accent.


Goryu is first seen alongside his comrades Ohka and Senku, being the leader of the Terrific Triad. After a boss battle, the three escape, but Ohka's wings give out and she crashes, Goryu and Senku not even stopping. It is later known that Goryu would've gone back, but was under orders from Parshath to "make no pit stops" in their retreat.

Goryu is seen later, again with Senku, but now with a clone of Ohka: Goku En. Goryu is visibly unimpressed by Goku En, and seems rather relieved when it is destroyed.

Near the end, Goryu and Senku switch sides, becoming allies to Pit and the others. At the end of the game, Goryu returns to the other dimension along with the other Synthetic Angels (sans Artem and Ohka).


Like all Synthetic Angels, Goryu has basic weapon knowledge, but this is never seen. He is very strong and durable, being the muscle of the Terrific Triad as well as the leader. In battle, he is most proficient with Arm weapons. The Goryu Arm is unlockable.


  • Goryu, along with Ohka, Senku, and Goku En, are named after the "Majestic/Malevolent Mech" cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.