Hephaestus's Symbol

Hephaestus is the true God of the Forge appearing in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. He reveals that he created Dyntos eons prior to the story in order to replace him, as creating weapons was getting boring.


Hephaestus is a large, muscular man in his early 30's. He has a build similar to that of Aether, which may have something to do his with ages of forging. Hephaestus wears a tight-fitting Under Armour-like t-shirt and dark blue jeans with a rip in the left knee. He appears to dress much more modernized than the other Gods, or, in this time period, even a little futuristic. However, he still carries his gigantic hammer with him wherever he goes.


Hephaestus is extremely outgoing and friendly, and is one of the few Gods to have never been involved in war until The Mother Goddess. He has many friends, but only trusts those he knows best. Hephaestus is also extremely smart and expert smith, as he was able to create the robotic Dyntos without the other Gods ever knowing.

Kid Icarus:The ScientistEdit

In this game, Hephaestus plays the savior to Pit. He uses his own power of the forge to outdo Brontos and his creations. He creates a unevil ray sort-of-thing to make the creations turn on Brontos, but it has its flaws.


Not many of Hephaestus's abilities are shown in The Mother Goddess, but he seems to be extremely smart and crafty, having secretly created the robotic Dyntos. He is also very muscular, and most likely can put quite a beat down on enemies with his large hammer.