This Story was created by Phoeninjix. This story is 3 years after Hades' rule over the Underworld. Dyntos' brother Brontos has created an army of all of Pit's old enemies like Aurum, Centurions, Underworld, and Forces of Nature. In the story, Brontos also creates multiple Pits that the real Pit has to fight. Brontos also creates some of his own inventions to fight, too. Pit calls upon Hephaestus to make a ray to zap all of Brontos creations into a daze of goodness, but takes certain materials to power it and build it. Materials like Hades' blood, a horn of a cyclops, magic from Zeus' lightning bolt, and much more.


This games gameplay is centered around Pit finding all of the materials for the good ray.This game's gameplay is exactly like in "Kid Icarus: Uprising." There is a land battle, an air battle, and a boss battle in each level. There is still the Idol Toss feature, and the game is still compatible with Streetpass.

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