Kid Icarus: Defender of Light is a fanmade game created by Carcabob as a sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising and is modeled after it as well. Inspiration from other fangames is used and usually noted. (Though actual source often forgotten...) Positive and negative input on features and the plot is appreciated.

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A few years after Hades was defeated, forces from the Underworld Army suddenly show up. No one reveals themselves claiming to soon rule the world, but the enemies are after something, but what? With Medusa and Hades defeated, who could be the cause of this? It's up to Pit to defend the humans and Skyworld and find out who's behind this recent assault.

Returning Characters (From Kid Icarus Uprising)Edit

New CharactersEdit

Solo Story Mode ConceptEdit

Gameplay is similar to KI:U: Air, Land, and Boss battles, but different orders more often. All weapons and powers are kept in addition to a variety of new ones, but the player can also unlock, carry, and use items during land battle as well. The player usually plays as Pit with his or her weapon of choice. In many levels, Dark Pit or another ally will aid Pit in battle. Some chapters will allow the player to play as Dark Pit, since some levels have Dark Pit take a separate route in battle than Pit.

Co-op 2 Player Story ModeEdit

A second player can join the battle, playing as Pit's current ally in the level (ex. Dark Pit with weapon of choice, a centurion of the player's choice [Normal, Knight, or Strongarm])

In air battles, the second player will have a slightly different flight path (sometimes slightly ahead or behind) or completely different depending on the level. On land, battles play out like usual, both players walking around, fighting. Both players may need to be present to proceed by stepping on switches to open a door.

Allies cannot hurt each other. In air, if one player is finished, (if they are not a centurion) both players will restart from a checkpoint. If the second player is a centurion, they will lose hearts and be absent until the next checkpoint is reached, then another centurion will show up.

On land a finished player will lose hearts and start from the last checkpoint, though the level and timeline will remain unchanged or stopped by the death. If both players are finished at the same time, they will lose hearts, the intensity will decrease and they will start at the last checkpoint.

Any player who attacks an enemy will receive hearts when it is defeated. Bonus hearts are given to the player who defeats the enemy. This bring competition for hearts. Amount of Items in treasure boxes etc. will be doubled each item having a different colored glow, only allowing the player with the corresponding color to collects it, so both players can get treasure. The player with the highest score, however will receive a random bonus of hearts, a weapon, a power, or an item. Important characters will be present as CPU controlled characters when needed, but centurions will not be present unless playing multiplayer.


All weapons from uprising have been carried over regardless if they are character-related weapons. 6 new weapons for each category have been added. A list of new weapons and their descriptions can be found on the New Weapons page. New weapon categories include whips, rods, and spears.

New Gameplay ElementsEdit

New gameplay features include weapon specific actions, item sets, 2 player story mode, and alternate versions of air battles (such as using the Lightning Charriot or other flying vehicle). New environmental elements include swimming, quicksand, sprint pads, and more.


All powers have been carried over from Kid Icarus: Uprising as well as many new ones The grid systems used are the same. There are 9 new zodiac powers for a total of 12 (other fan game inspired)

A list of new powers can be found on the New Powers page.


All items from KI:U return along with many new ones. Item sets, like power sets, are a new feature. Fit panels on a grid in the same fasion as powers. Many Items, however are very large, allowing few items.

Items you take with you into battle can be equipped just like powers are used. Scroll through the item bar on the lower right of the touch screen and tap an item to equip it as if you just picked it up. If it is a status card, it will be used instantly however. Press the attack button to use the item.

Any item you pick up in battle without using it will be unlocked for use in the item grid. Items can also be unlocked in Treasure Hunt. Almost all items can be unlocked. Depending on it's usefullnes, items on the grid will have a different size, like powers. Some items can be used in Air Battles as well.

A list of new items can be found on the New Items page


The exotank, cherubot, and aether ring make a reapearance, but with two new vehicles.

Teracopter: An all terrain tank that can drive quickly over rough terrain an exotank can't handle. Tapping the action icon will switch the teracopter from driving to flying ten meters above the ground hovering around slowly. It fires bullets and missiles.

Hydrosub : A speedy watercraft boat that that can switch from above to below water with a tap of the icon. It can fire and blue orbs from a turret.


The intensity systems works the same: 0.0 to 9.0, with 2.0 being standard, and the higher the intensity, the more health and power enemies have, but the more hearts and rewards you will receive.

Intensity Gates: Intensity gates return from KI:U, allowing passage to an area only at a certain intensity. They often have treasure and enemies to fight. Almost every level has at least one.

Weapon ActionsEdit

Only users carrying certain weapons can get to certain areas by using a weapon specific action. And often include an area with a task specially made for that weapon. A new item and another bonus are found at the end. It also acts as a shortcut past certain parts of the chapter.

Blade Action: Cut ropes with melee attacks to drop stuff.

Staff Action: Line up and shoot through multiple staff specific targets.

Bow Action: Hit bow-specific targets.

Club Action: Hit massive buttons.

Cannon Action: Break certain wooden walls or cracked brick.

Palm Action: With energy filled handprints needed to activate cetain parts of the environment, acting as a switch.

Arm Action: Crush, drill, and destroy various statues or pillars.

Orbitars Action: Use a melee attack to spin a valve, opening a passage.

Claws Action: Climb walls, vines, and more.

Rod Action: Knock down certain objects with a melee dash jump-kick attack.

Spear Action: Use melee dash attacks to fly across gaps and defeat the same time...

Whip Action: Swing across gaps with a melee attack on a horizontal rod.

Zodiac ChambersEdit

There are 12 Zodiac chambers containing weapons and 12 more containing powers in 24 chapters, so there is a zodiac chamber in every chapter except the last one. A list of Zodiac Powers can be found on the New Powers page.

Game ModesEdit


The story of our hero, Pit along with his allies and their quest to save the world again.

Play solo, or battle alongside a friend who plays as a Centurion, Dark Pit, or another ally via Local Wireless or Online Nintendo Network. 25 chapters are included as well as a Boss Battles mode, and 5 Bonus Chapters.

Treasure Hunt: Unlock rewards and reveal pictures by completing various tasks. The four different treasure hunts are run by Palutena and Viridi (Both on one), Orcos and Hades, Zeus and Poseidon , and the Chaos Kin.


Play with friends or foes in a variety of gamemodes nearby or far away, unrelated to the story. Games include 'Free for All', 'Light vs Dark', 'Capture the Flag' (other fan game inspired), 'Brawl' and 'Seige' (other fan game inspired). You can play Solo, with Nearby, or Far Away, playing on old and new stages, as well as stages representing chapters of Kid Icarus: Uprising. More information on match types and stages can be found on the Battle Mode page.


View rewards you have unlocked. This includes: Idols (Including Current, Uprising, and Retro), Power Portrait, Item Portrait, Music Gallery, Theater, Offering, Idol Toss, Records. In Theater, you can watch story cutscenes as well as well as replays that have been saved. You can also view any in-game screenshots you have taken.

Streetpass and Spotpass

Create, fuse, or convert weapon gems obtained through streetpass and spotpass as well as choose screenshots to hold during streetpass.

AR Card Battle

View and battle AR cards , play AR Games , and play Underworld Raiders.

Story (Chapters 1 - 25)Edit

Note: Revisions of the plot are to be made.

Chapter 1:Edit

A few years after Hades was defeated, underworld forces suddenly show up. No one reveals themselves claiming to soon rule the world, but the enemies are after something, but what? With Medusa and Hades defeated, who could be the cause of this? It's up to Pit with the help of Palutena to defend the humans and skyworld and find out who's behind this recent assault. After reaching a town as a beginner level and battling Skullwing, a monstrous skull with bat wings, Pit returns to Palutena.

Chapter 2:Edit

Pit has another battle of defending the humans from the Underworld Army again and an encounter with Viridi and the Forces of Nature, who are also fighting the Underworld Army. Flying into a town taking down enemies, pit sees Magnus and Gaol and the three fight together. They make their way to town square where they fight the Minotaur as a boss.

Chapter 3:Edit

Palutena locates a group of Underworld monsters headed towards a desert. Pit flies through the desert fighting underworld enemies and makes his way to a pyramid, where the monsters are headed. Palutena suggests they may be seeking an ancient artifact. Pit runs down the pyramid, and hits the sand, then pops out and flies into the pyramid. Making his way through a labarinth with the help of palatena leaving a trail of light behind him to help, solving puzzles and fighting underworld monsters, pit reaches the pharoh's tomb, where undeworld enemies cast a spell on the casket, arising the pharoh as an evil demon. Pit then fights the pharoh demon and other underworld enemies, and after defeating them, the underworld army leaves carrying a strange urn with them. And blocking the exit, forcing palutena to extract pit.

Chapter 4:Edit

Pit seeks the help of Dark Pit . Pit finds Dark Pit, who is also fighting monsters and join forces once again, palutena activating the power of flight for dark pit as well. Together, they continue to fight, and try to figure out who is leading the underworld monsters. They land at ancient ruins after seeing a multitude of monsters heading there. Fighting through more enemies, moving towards an energy source of some sort. A huge Inferno Snake shows up, and the two battle it together, and defeat it, without any more trace of the energy source. Even more confused, the two return to Palutena.

Chapter 5:Edit

After seeing some familiar monsters over the past few chapters who Pit once fought to train, Palutena, Pit, and Dark pit conclude that the villan is Orcos, a demon who attacked and took over skyworld long ago, 5 years after medusa's first attack. Upon discovery, Orcos reveals himself and hades shows up as well as a soul. Hades revived medusa and orcos, but orcos was rebellious and remained hidden until now, taking control over the Underworld Army . Pit and dark pit head to a town to defend humans again, but are ambushed now that orcos' main plan is underway: overwelm and take out pit and anyone else who might be strong enough to oppose him. After surviving a harsh raid, and defeat a dark swordsman in a corridor, a barage of monoliths slide in and encase pit and dark pit and try to crush them, but the escape with a whistle to the lightning charriot.

Chapter 6:Edit

The next morning, a direct assault is laid on skyworld. Pit, dark pit, centurions, and juggernauts defend skyworld againts the oncoming waves of enemies and the Syren Queen in the air. As the air battle goes on, the day changes from morning to day, then pit and dark pit land and continue fighting. Pit and dark pit travel via grind rail, jumppad, centurion, and running to different parts of skyworld that need defending, and then fight the Shadow Phionex, an underworld recreation of the immortal phionix, solely aimmed at destroying pit and dark pit.

Chapter 7:Edit

It's decided that it's time to act and not just defend. Orcos' strategic commander, Precipitous, God of Rain, is their target. Once he's defeated, the underworld forces will be lacking in strategies and will be left with only brute force. They take off in a rainstorm fighting more organized troops. The stormsea temple on the ocean is their destination with a water based design. After reaching it, Posiedon shows himself, stating he disaproves of hades and orcos' deeds and has decided to help once again, lowering the ocean, revealing an entrance. Pit and dark pit make it to Precipitous and defeat him, but he suddenly escapes, flooding the temple and wiping pit and pittoo out.

Chapter 8:Edit

Still after Precipitous, Palutena seeks the help of Arlon the Serene, being a master of stealth to help track down the god of rain. Donating Forces of Nature to help, Pit and Dark Pit are on a stealth mission with the help of arlon's power of invisibility which will only last as long as the poqer of flight does. They must infiltrate the Earthbound Temple, where the god of rain is hiding in the mountains. After sneaking through, avoiding reapers and fighting other enemies, and try out the new teracopter, they reach the Precipitous, catching him by surprise and battle him with the help of the Forces of Nature, defeating him. He attempts to escape one again, but the flagues reapear to block him, only to be quickly shot down, but then arlon himself shown up, firing a beam, finishing off the God of Rain.

Chapter 9:Edit

With the Underworld Army weakened in the strategic department, they agree it's time to go after orcos. Pit questions how they'll defeat orcos. They could go after him any time since they still possess the key to the underworld, but both the three sacred treaures and the great sacred treasure were destroyed. There's pit, pittoo, the lightning charriot and the forces of nature, but who knows how powerful orcos may be or what other tricks he has. Palutena agrees, but states that this is the best time to strike. Pit and pitto ride the lightning charriot into the underworld, with forces of nature following. Masses of enemies show up with no apparent pattern, but are fought by pit and pittoo on the lightning charriot towards orcos' castle. Palutena suggests that it would be more practical to use the power of flight, so they take off and leave Phosphora with the lightning charriot. After fighting more, they make it to orcos' castle, but he doesn't give a big welcome speech of death or anything. They battle through more monsters and passageways, finding themselves in 3 quick replays again: ch1, ch2, and chapter 8 and more of the castle. After an epic rally cry, a long battle unfolds fighting orcos, who is rather small, flying around, attacking. Soon, he transforms, growing extra large and an epic battle unfolds, with pit flying, pittoo on the charriot, phosphora, and other forces of nature. Pit flies around dodging attacks, while pitto flies with the charriot. Since only half of the power of flight is used, pit and pittoo swap when the power of flight runs out, and both ride the charriot if orcos is not defeated before pittoo's power of flight runs out. After receiving many attacks, orcos flies up to begin attacking but phosphora ans the lightning charriot slam into him for a crushing blow. He is sent flying back and 'defeated'. As he starts to disapear and desintigrate, he stops, and reels back in pain, then stops, and he starts laughing with hades' voice. Orcos' weakened state of defeat allowed Hades' soul to enter his body and use hades' powerful magic to take control of orcos. Everyone gasps with fright and anger. Hades/Orcos releases a blast destroying many forces of nature, but pit, pittoo, phosphora, and others are extracted just in time.

Chapter 10:Edit

With Hades basically revived, only more destruction and revenge can come. Hades is weak, esspecially in orcos' body, but he's on his way to the rewind spring to bring himself back to his full power. Hades used much energy to take over orcos and keep him alive, so hades actually should be very simple to defeat. The unicorns of the lightning charriot need to recover from their battle, so pit and pittoo are relying on the power of flight to get to hades in time through the city of souls. Dark pit had no need to battle on land with his unlimited flight, but the power of flight won't be enough to get them there, so land battle through the city of souls is needed. They finally catch up with hades in orcos' body, but amazon pandora appears. Since she was defeated near the rewind spring, she simply dipped herself in, healing her. She battles pit and pitto. Upon her defeat, she is destroyed, and dark pit attempts to steal pandora's powers once again, while pit hops on a grip rail to stop hades. Pit charges at hades, but hades is too quick and his soul breaks out of orcos' body into the rewind spring, but orcos falls into it as well. Pit screams out in anger as Hades huge body emerges from the water, laughing as he flies away. Pit also sees orcos, fully healed emerge as well lunging at pit, but palutena extracts pit and pittoo.

Chapter 11:Edit

It seems that more and more underworld forces are apearing. Surely they can't be generating this many troops from souls. It must have to do with the artifact and the powersource they got away with earlier. It seems that hades is not trying to just take down pit and dark pit anymore but has different plans than orcos did. Pit and dark pit fly through a large, snowy, mountain range, fighting enemies. They're destination is the IceCrystal Palace, where the Underworld Army ice headed to obtain a magic crystal. If they get a hold of it, they may be able to generate even more forces, potentially overwhelming all of the other gods' armies. They enter an ice cavern as cover from underworld enemies, but there seems to be just as much in there. Suddenly, a huge portion of ice collapses from the noise and shots of battle, falling between Pit and Pittoo. snow and ice chase them both into separate tunnels. As they dodge iceicles and enemies, palutena struggles to keep them both out of harms way. Pit shoots up, breaking out of the snow above the mountains, but Dark Pit remains in the cavern, the power of flight beginns to run out, so the two will have to separately make their way to the palace. Pit, slowed by the snow, but aided by jump pads makes his way across the rocky terrain, fighting underworld forces. Dark Pit continues in the ice cavern, aided by grind rails, fighting monsters and dodging dangerous icicles, Eventually breaking down a wall, finding himself in the IceCrystal Pallace, meeting up with Pit after they both fight mini boss ice gaurdians. They then get through the icecrystal pallace, fighting underworld monsters as well as a few other enemies. They reach a sacred chamber where they see the icecrystal. Suddenly a huge yeti shows up. After defeating the yeti, a handora pops out, grabbing the crystal and hoping on a monolith to escape, smashing through the roof. Dark pit leaps up, using pandoras powers to fly after it. Surprised, pit must run out of the collapsing pallace.(pit ditches his weapon during this part) If Pit or Dark Pit are finished, both start from the beginning of the scene.) Dark Pit follows the handora who passes the crytal to a Monoeye as Dark Pit chases them. He finally gets in range and takes out the enemy, dropping the crystal. Flying down after the crystal, dark pit is too far away, but pit jumps out of the palace, sees the crystal, and catches it in time. The two are then extracted.

Chapter 12:Edit

After inspecting rhe ice crystal, it's magical properties seem to have the ability to refract energy, just like oher crystals can refract light. Palutena suggests that refracting energy into many points may be one way hades planned on creating new troops. The urn from the pyramid multiplies energy that is then expelled out. The mysterious energy source was probably fueling the urn to generate energy to shrink the amount of souls needed to create a monster. The ice crystal would quicken the process even more. Now trying to retrieve or destroy the artifact and still unknown power source, Pit and Dark Pit are flying into space towards the galactic sea, where the two objects are hidden, just as the 3 sacred treasure were, but with underworld enemies to guard it. Fighting underworld enemies, they finally get to the galactic sea. They spot a clump of underworld enemies on a asteroid of crystals with the occational belunka or fort oink flying out. Palutena suggests they must be creating monsters inside. They begin flying towatds it when Aurum ships fly out of the galactic sea, with Hades exclaming 'Surpise!'. Realizing it's a trap, Pit and Dark Pit begin to fly away, dodging the onslaught of enemies and attacks from the ships. Hades explains that during the battle with the Aurum Fleet, he snagged a few more ships. Palutena attempts to expose their weak spots, but is blocked by hades power. A cruiser flies between Pit and Dark Pit, knocking Dark Pit, leaving him dazed. in an attempt to get to Dark Pit, a Battleship fires in pits way, The cruiser then comes back, and underworld enemies grab ahold of Dark Pit. Pit then flies up and shoots the enemies, freeing dark Pit, but then the destroyer moves and engulfs pit and pitto. Pit and dark pit then make their way through the ship, trying to find an escape, while palutena is blocked out and can't comunicate with them. While fighting underworld enemies, it's explained that hades himslef telepathecly controls the ship. They find a many 'dead' aurum forces with the aurum brain destroyed, but inactive seems like a more appropriate term. Suddenly, these spring to life and attack Pit and Pitoo under the control of hades. Pit and pitto finally reach the generator for the ship, but are stopped by a large arurum verson of the underworld snowman, which fires lasers and missiles rather than ice. After defeating it, Pit and Pitoo aim at the generator but an door leading outside opens up wisking pit and pitto ot of the ship (arurm don't breath air, but some of hades forces do.). Pit however is slammed against the wall, knocking him out as the airlock closes. Pitto activated pandoras powers to fly, dodging attacks as he explains pit is still in the ship. Palutena suggests they get backup before saving Pit, then extracting pittoo.

Chapter 13:Edit

Dark Pit rides out of door, riding the Lighting Chariot, ready to save Pit. Palutena and Viridi guid pitto through the galactic sea, fighting underworld troops. The now stormy sea proves to be a challenge with cosmic liighting strikes and meteor. He quickly makes it to the aurum ships, but most of the ships start moving full speed ahead back towards Earth, but one is moving away. Hades is annoyed at their persistance, so it's pit or the people. Dark Pit boosts towards the destroyer holding Pit, smashing through it and jumping out. Phosphora proceeds to retrieve the Charriot. Again. Dark Pit is led by Palutena, unblocks with hole on the ship, leading him to the signal reciving unit, where the ship received input from the aurum brain. He gets there after fighting through some enemies and smashing some doors. Palutena sends Dark Pit the Ice crystal which he puts down, connects wires to and places his hand on it, defracting his thoughts to the ship. The player now has control over the Aurmus Destroyer, At first Pittoo just smoothly flies past meteors and constalations, but he soon catches up to some of the ships, while others are ahead, already at earth. Using the destroyer, he takes down the aircraft carrier and keeps moving. Eventually, he reaches the other ships with a speed boost from Palutena nd Viridi's powers. Above Earth, the battle rages: one destryer against multiple battleships, cruisersss, and destroyers. The one advantage is added speed and thinking power. Pitoo takes down some destroyers a cruiser and a battleship, but a few battleships are on their way to decimate a town. Dark Pit catches up, ramming into one as it fires to throw off it's aim on a town. Pitto then continues firing, destroying all 3 ships and the destroyer Pit is flying. He takes the crystal ou, listening to Hades rage, and flies out of the ship with the power of flight, and gets to where Pit is, blasting another hole in the exploding ship. Palutena activated the power of flight and getting pit out of the ship, relieved for the rescue. Still confusd, but grateful why Hades didn't kill Pit when he had the chance, The two fly over the town helping the forces of nature who are suffering from aurum AND underworld troop attack. Enraged, hades sends a new force onto the town: Tinybellows, mini versions of twinbellows, along with Aurum Pits that were created when Pit was captured. The two land for another land battle, taking on the tinybellows and other forces, then destroy the Aurum Pits, Palutena extracts the two, agreeing that they need something to defeat Hades before his mysterious plan goes too far.

Chapter 14:Edit

Once again, pit, pittoo and palutena seek the help of Dyntos for a weapon to defeat Hades. They fly to his workshop, fighting copies of enemies (just for fun according to Dyntos), asking for help, but Dyntos states that they must find other ways of defeating Orcos and Hades and that they will not get a new weapon. After their request is turned down, they change course heading for the lightning god, Zeus's palace. Palutena adresses Zeus, asking him if he knows about hades' doings. He replies stating that he knows perfectly, and he wants to stop hades, but before he allies with anyone he states that he want's to test pit and pittoo to see if they are worthy allies. He sends his Elemental army of warriors featuring fire, water, air, and electricity. Pit and Pittoo battle them, and reach Zeus' palace. They battle through his Palace in the Sky fighting more enemies. They are informed they will have to defeat Aeolous, the wind god. They finally reach him, and after defeating him, Zeus agrees to join forces.

Chapter 15:Edit

Flying over the ocean near the coast, palutena asks posidon to join with them. If palutena's army, the forces of nature, the elemental army, and Posidon's army join forces, hades and orcos and the Underworld Army don't stand a chance. Upon hearing that zeus has allied with them, he states that he is unwilling to ally with the sellfish, arrogant zeus, and zeus quickly returns the favor with an insult. Soon they decide to put each other where they belong. Suddenly, sea creatures and elemental forces show up and begin fighting. Pittoo is angered that the two gods are fighting so suddenly while hades continues to attack the humans. While fighting both forces fight, posidon and zeus demand that palutena, pit and pittoo leave, and begin attacking them as well when the refuse. Landing at a beach, they continue fighting and use a hydrosub as well, to make their way to where posidon's kraken is battling Sparkitous, a huge lighting bird. With the help of hydrosubs, Pit and Pitto take on both. After defeating them, the two armies are called in retreat for now.

Chapter 16:Edit

With Poseidon and zeus now fighting, the only way to defeat hades to to stop the two from fighting. The seas become stormy, and the skies become full of thunder and lightning. Fighting more sea monster and elemental forces while flying over the sea above huge whirlpool, dodging lightning, and flying above the gray clouds trying to reason with the two gods. Suddenly, viridi shows up with her forces, putting a beat down on both of them, claiming to outrank both of them. Then underworld forces show up, led by the three-headed-hewdraw, only this time with legs and huge wings to boost it's speed. Pit exclaims that this is why they need to join forces. They soon land at the coast, fighting underworld enemies. Making their way to a stormy meadow where they eventually find the powerful three headed hewdraw, who is taking down many of all of the forces with it's new powers. After greeting pit and dark pit, they begin fighting, using varios new attacks of fire, biting flapping, lunging, etc. After a bit, the 3 armies begin to fight the hewdraw along with pit and pittoo. After knocking a head off, the hewdraw will be quicker, and the head will bounce around, lunging at pit. More underworld forces show up, but the different forces help keep the various enemies busy at different times. After doing enough damage to a head, it will try to escape. If you are quick enough you can defeat it, but otherwise it will return after a while as a hewdraw reborn. Once two heads are knocked of and the hewdraw is defeated, the body will disintegrate, continuing the battle with the other heads or bodies or other forces until all parta of the hewdraw are defeated. After seeing how much a threat the Underworld Army is, and how well their armies can help each other, zeus and Poseidon relunctantly agree to become allies...for now.

Chapter 17:Edit

With the 4 gods and their armies united, the Underworld Army doesn't stand a chance. Poseidon's army is working on destroying the seafloor palace, where thanatos still leads bubble transport of monster from the underworld to the surface. The forces of nature and elemental army are defending various twns. Everyone agreed that centurions wouldn't be too effective, but many juggernauts were placed around the various towns, and centurious were sent as messengers. Palutena doesn't know were the artfact or power source are, as the galactic sea incident was a trap. Since the god of rain was so helpful to orcos, hades decided to revive him, making him pit and Pitoos target for capture. Sent to the Reaper Fortress to hide, that's their new destination. Pit and Pitto get the help of arlon again, as they fly into the fortress invisible to keep the out of sight of reapers. Suddenly it starts to rain, revealing their location as the water surrounds them. Pit and Pittoo then take the alternate route through a ravine, but since this is familiar to palutena, she gets them through to the fortress easilly and quickly, zeus strikes the top of the fortress, lettin the two get in with only half of the power of flight being used. Pit and Pitoo make their way through new portions pit had not seen before, still with reapers and still with wizards, guiatines and grind rails, but also with tinybellows and hewdrops, mini one-headed hewdraws. They reach a familiar area of the Reaper Fortress (familiar to dark pit as well, since dark pit had all of pits memmories prior being created) And reach the large chamber where the Great Reaper was fought, and continue to another room. Suddenly the god of rain apears he then sumons a monstrous, living, blob of water, then vanishes by evaporating. After defeating the shapeshifting and splitting water blobs, Dark Pit uses the ice crystal to cool the air, forcing the rain god to solidify. Zeus strikes another hole, leading to outside and viridi sends a small bomb flying through, exploding and entagling the god of rain. Hades states "what a nice crystal they have! You'd better get out of there before anything bad happens to it. The god of rain starts to absorb the crystal, but then Hades says "Here, let me help! Activating the power of flight!" Pit and Pittos wing glow a deep red and are flung into the air and keep heading upward, then they fly downward at high speeds at the side of the valley wall. Palutena and Viridi, unable to extract them, both activate their power of flight and attempt to slow them down, stopping them just in time. Hades continues thrashing them around with enemies attacking them and Palutena and viridi in a tug of war againts Hades. He manages to get pit and pittoo to run into each other, causing dark pit to drop the crystal. Palutena can't deactivate hades power of flight, but Pitto activates pandoras powers to help fight, but then orcos shows up, using his power on pit, overwhelming viridi and palutena as pit slams into the ground, and his wings are pulled in opposite directions, dark pit reaches pit, and grabs hope of him, physically stopping his wings from being ripped off. Pit and Pitto's wings begin to catch fire, Phosphora appears, flying down, grabbing the crystal, and flies up, dropping it in dark pit's hand, who puts it on their wings, dispursing all energy put into their wings, including pandora's powers, causing the crystal to explode, angering Hades. Falling, Pitto whisles, being caught by the lightning charriot, and fly back to Skyworld.

Chapter 18:Edit

Injured by their wings catching fire for a short time, and Dark Pit highly disappointed that he lost pandoras powers again, they need to find a way stop hades from using his telepathic interference and powers, which almost killed Pit and Pittoo multiple times. Now they're on their way to the Memorystone Palace, where a magical stone with the power to control and protect thoughts. With the right use, they would be able to counter much of Hades' power. The memorystone palace is in a green forest valley. Pit and Pitto start flying above the white clouds on a beautiful day. They see the forest and fly down above it. As always, Underworld forces are present. They dive down into the forest, dodging trees to lose some monsters behind. They emerge, and dive down into the beautiful valley, and begin following a river, upstream and up a waterfall to the top of the valley. They continue through the valley off of a cliff, swooping down grazing the trees again. They spot the Memorystone Temple on a mountain, and begin flying towards it, spiraling up the mountain and land outside the temple. Upon entering the temple, they spot Magnus fighting monsters. They approach and greet him with the reply, "Oh, great. TWO angel faces. What brings you here?" Magnus is there at the temple to retrieve a special item of his from a beast that attacked the town he was in. They fight together through temple, working towards the memory stone and the beast. Dark Pit comments that he likes Magnus' fighting style and personality. They arive at an alter, where the memory stone lay with other items, such as a daggar, a ring, and a scroll. Suddenly, a large toxic-like bear breaks out of the ground. After the 3 defeat it, they walk up to the alter. Pit picks up the memory stone, and magnus picks up the ring. As they begin to walk out, Pit stumbles on a rock, causing the stone to hit Magnus' ring. Suddenly, there's a flash of light and a vortex as Pit and Dark Pit are sucked into the stone.

Chapter 19:Edit

Darkness starts to clear and Pit hears Magnus' voice. Pit adresses Magnus, only to hear someone else's voice. "Were you listening, Gideon?" Magnus replies. Pit looks around finding himself in the same geographical area of Ch. 2 in uprising, near the Dark Lord's castle. He sees 2 others: Magnus, and a man weilding a rod, also rather dazed. "Uh, yeah Magnus," Pit replies instinctively, hearing another voice. He finds himself weilding a bow. "Then lets go. Try not to get to far ahead this time, Helaman." Pit thinks to himself trying to work out what happened. This group is Magnus' group of monster fighting mercenaries, and he is in the body of an archer named Gideon. Suddenly he hears Dark Pit's voice in his head. "What's going on? And why am I in a guy named Helaman!?" Pit explains they're probably on a mission to view the strength of the Underworld Army for the humans army. "I'm still at Chapter 1 fighting Twinbellows." They must be in Magnus' memories thanks to the memory stone. They agree they should fight allong and see what happens. Magnus with his sword, 'Gideon'/Pit with his bow, and 'Helaman'/Dark Pit with his rod make their way over the rocky terrain, on their way to get to Gaol who sent a message while spying on the Underworld Army near a Dark Lord's Castle saying that the human armies won't stand a chance against the Underworld Army. They are going to help Gaol in case too much trouble arises. Through the level, they fight and sneak past underworld enemies. After making their way to the Dark Lord's castle, they spot Gaol as they are all ambushed by many enemies. After defeating them, another swarm starts attacking gaol. Gideon/Pit, Helaman/Dark Pit, and Magnus are surrounded. Magnus, seeing gaol being attacked charges through, smashing past tough enemies, but when he gets close to saving Gaol, he is shot down by a Monoeye. The enemies start putting armour onto gaol, sealing her inside. Magnus gets up after Pit snipes out the few remaining enemies, Dark Lord Gaol then gets up, laughs then starts attacking Magnus. Magnus is confused and asks what she is doing. Gaol replies by saying "Doing what I should have all along: join the one you can't beat." Magnus doesn't believe gaol would do that by her own free will, so the 3 of them are forced to fight Dark Lord Gaol. Upon deafeat, Dark Lord Gaol tells Magnus to choose a side, blasting Helaman and Gideon, killing them, then flying away as Magnus falls to his knees, crying for his comrads as Pit's vision fades away.

Chapter 20:Edit

Pit and Dark Pit wake up in the memory stone temple with Magnus kneeling down trying to wake Pit. They all stand up. Magnus and Palutena ask what happened. Dark Pit states that he thinks they experienced one of magnus' memories. Pit says he feels sorry about Gideon and Helaman. Magnus shakes his head saying "They were great warriors, who died fighting to save Gaol. I honor them for that." Magnus slips the ring into his pocket and the 3 of them leave the temple. "Thanks for you help, Pit. You too Dark Pit," Magnus says as he starts on his journey back to civilization and back to battle. Pit and Dark Pit take off, flying away from the valley back into the sky. They shortly discuss the pains that Magnus has felt and the comrads he's lost as well as his child, which clearly explains his strength and anger towards the Underworld Army. At least he still has Gaol in his life. Hades begins to speak, stating that it disappoints him that he won't be able to torture them as much anymore, so he'll have to go on to the next part of his plan. Pit angrily asks what that is when Palutena suddenly gasps, and the Power of Flight deactivates. Pit calls out for her as they fall, but get no answer. Dark Pit whistles for the Chariot but nothing happens. Dark Pit then orders Pit to hold his wing out, and together, they both glide down one of the mountains, dodging trees and rocks. Once Pit gets used to gliding, he angrily yells at Hades demanding explanation but gets no reply. They reach the base of the mountain and have a rough landing, but are alive. They get up and start making their way through the forest, fighting underworld monsters. Pit calls out to Viridi who answers. Dark Pit tells her what happens and she looks at skyworld. Gasping, she tells the two that skyworld is completely empty of Palutena and centurions. Arlon then informs Viridi of a hidden enemy moving quickly towards her sancuary. Viridi then begins to order forces of nature to begin to fight, and starts to exstract Pit and Dark Pit, but suddenly stops. Viridi gives no further response. Pit becomes very worried and then calls out to Zeus, who answers. He explains that Hades must have gained a massive amount of power from somewhere, he asks Pit to let him extract the memory stone, but Dark Pit snatches it from Pit, and holds it up to block out Zeus' telepathy. "Please hold!" Dark Pit then explains to Pit that Hades has gained power, but has also gotten smarter. Earlier the rebellious Orcos was willing to follow Hades orders, which suggests that Hades is controlling Orcos, as well as a good chance he is controlling zeus and captured palutena and viridi, knowing that they'd go to him if Palutena and Viridi were captured like Orcos and Medusa did with Palutena in the past. Dark Pit suggests they go to the town to plan and get Magnus' help. They call out to Zeus again, who now gives no response. Suddenly elemental forces show up attacking them, proving Dark Pit's theory and that Hades knows the two angels figured out his plan. They eventually make it to the town after fighting off Zeus' commander, Uranos, God of the Sky. He uses various attacks related to the stars and zodiac symbols. After defeating him, he is shortly broken from Hades spell, warning Pit that Palutena, Viridi, and Zeus are all under Hades' control but Posiedon is free, hiding from Hades, who may possess another being, giving him power. He then jerks his head, and disintegrates into stardust. Pit and Dark Pit then enter the town, drawing attention from the townspeople and find Magnus. He welcomes them into the Inn he and Gaol are staying at, ending the chapter. The Story menu is now a tavern rather than Palutena's Temple.

Chapter 21:Edit

Pit, Dark Pit, and Magnus leave the Inn, talking as they quickly recap that Hades has captured Palutena, Viridi, and Zeus, as well as their armies. In the distance, outside of town, underworld enemis are seen. Gaol rushes to them, stating that Underworld enemies, Forces of Nature, elemental forces, and centurions are all headed towards the town. Magnus tells her to have the Juggernauts (donated earlier to defend towns) ready and to meet them at the town square. Dark Pit states the juggernauts and the four of them won't be enough to take on Four Armies. Magnus then points out they're not sending entire armies, and won't be expecting too much of a fight. Pit then asks what they should do and suggests they create a strategy to help fight. Magnus then tells that he found a new sword when he woke up for him and for gaol: The Gaol Blade and the Magnus Club weapons, with ranged attacks and everything. Pit questions who could have gave them those, but enemies start pouring in. "Oh yeah. The strategy: defeat enemies." Magus says as the 3 begin battle. They start down the street, fighting underworld enemies, but soon start fighting enemies from all four armies. Ocational juggernaut and crossbowman assist is provided. They reach the square where gaol is struggling againy enemies. Magnus throws her the new Gaol Blade, which she grabs, spinning around creating a vortex, defeating the enemies. Dropping her old sword she joins the 3 in a battle against a few waves of enemies. As they fight, Pit starts to worry they won't be victorious or save Palutena, being "severed from the heavens" as Medusa wanted. Both Dark Pit and Magnus snap him out of his depression with reminders of what they've been though together, bringing his spirits back up. Vines suddenly shoot out from the ground, entangling houses and blocking paths, and the sky begins to darken with clouds. After fighting mainly Forces of Nature, they reach an open area, where Holer, God of Plants shows up, popping out of the ground, using vines, thorns, and poison as attacks. After defeating him, the enemies begin to retreat, but a group of them begin attacking Gaol, then more surround Magnus, Pit, and Dark Pit, Magnus then charges past, smashing through enemies, but is hit by a Nutski. "Not this time!" he yells as he throws the massive sword, wiping out the remaining enemies around Gaol and Pit and Dark Pit shoot off the rest. The four of them, relieved the battle is over return to the Inn.

Chapter 22:Edit

Pit and Dark Pit are off to the sea, seeking Posiedon's help. Riding horses donated by townspeople, they ride across the countryside, fighting enemies. "Its not exactly the Lightning Charriot, but it sure beats walking." Pit remarks. Pit questions Uranos' information, breaking out of Hades control, and thinks it could be a plan to trap the two. Dark Pit argues that it would make sense, since none of his forces showed up, Posiedon would be smart enough, and they really have no other choice. Pit then agrees. They reach the shore and dismount. Dark Pit holds up the memory stone, which then gleams with light, still blocking out Hades from listening or seeing their next actions but allowing Posidon to hear them. Dark Pit calls out to the sea for Posiedon, who answers and activates the Power of Flight. They discuss the events that have occurred and what Posiedon has done while remaining hidden. He had carefully thought about Hades, his actions, and how he could be so powerful. Posiedon concluded that a even more powerful force must be controlling Hades, and through him, taking the actions he has. While flying, fighting underworld forces that spotted them, they discuss and conclude that it must be the Chaos Kin. The energy source found in the ruins must have been a rift into the Chaos vortex, which was seen by Orcos and exploited to create a huge supply of energy. It most likely gained energy itself, eventually becoming strong enough to revive itself, escape, and take over Hades, giving it even more power, now controlling Hades, Zeus, Viridi, AND Palutena. It will keep gathering energy, getting more and more powerful. They then try to think of a way to stop the Chaos Kin and save the 3 gods. (They don't want to save Hades, but probably will have to anyway) Posiedon already had something in mind, which is where the 2 angels are being carried. They need some way to free Hades, so they need some firepower and a distraction to get to the Chaos Kin. Their destination is the Galactic Sea Bed to where the Space Pirate Ship Lay. Posiedon then explains he watched much of Pit's adventure, which is how he knows of it. They head towards the Galactic Sea, fighting monsters, but head down, towards a dark region of space, flying through craters in astroids and reach an area, consensed with black fog, quite the opposite the feel of the Galactic Sea. They slowly make their way through the fog that obscures their vision, dodging asteroids and fighting enemies. They reach a large astroid and see the Space Pirate Ship, glowing dimly and heavily damaged from the battle it was in. They then land inside. With a tilted floor to walk on, the two make their way through familiar and new parts of the ship, making their way to the control room of the ship. Underworld Monsters follow them into the ship. The ship seems empty, but soon Space Pirate Ghosts show up. Galactic monsters soon show up as well and the two must fight them on their way to the bridge in addition to the occational underworld wave. Posidon sent his forces following Pit and Dark Pit, and start repairing the ship after the galactic monsters are taken care of. They patch up the ship and use the energy of the constalations still stored to power up and repair the ship as well. On their way, they see and fight the Ghost Space Pirate Captain (defeated in a single shot or two). The two almost reach the bridge of the ship, to find a Glactic Fiend Space Megaladon on the deck. They fight it, attacking and doging through the darkness of the fog. Halfway through the battle, the ship lights up, making it easier to fight, but the Megaladon is much angrier at this point. After defeating it, they head in the bridge and Dark Pit takes the wheel and takes off, blasting the giant shark out with a powerful laser, destroying it. Dark Pit then flies the ship up to the Galactic Sea. The chapte then ends with the two reved up to save the other gods as Posiedons Army continues repairs. The Story Menu is now the Space Pirate Ship.

Chapter 23Edit

The chapter starts with the space Pirate Ship flying by the camera and zooming out giving control to the player. The Space Pirate Ship fires a spray of lasers with continuous fire and a huge laser with a charge shot, which charged instantly. As you fly back towards the Earth, tiny underworld enemies can be seen. Most of them don't do much damage and can be defeated by ramming them, but don't give too many hearts at all. They fly through the Galactic Sea and make it to Earth with a few Aurum Ships waiting for them. They then battle a few of the ships, destroying them and fly down to Earth fighting off a few more ships as they go. Pit questions how they'll get Hades to show himself, but Posiedon answers saying he himself will have to be the bait. Pit exlaims his concern but Posiedon assures him it is the only way. The reach the ocean after flying and dodging floating islands, seeing huge Posiedon standing waiting for them. Posiedon states that he senses a force getting near. He then jumps backwards as Hades lunges out of the water, creating a massive tidal wave. Pit starts firing at Hades who reels back in pain. He says a few hating words stating that they've got no change to save the other gods or the Earth. Posiedon attemps to stab Hades with his trident, but Hades simply grabs it and a purple smoke begins to travel along it as Posiedon is electrocuted. Pit then rams through the trident with the ship, breaking Posiedon free. A glimpse of the Chaos Kin is seen being hit by the ship in the smoke as the ship fles past. Posiedon creatses a massive vortex of water than engulfs Hades, who is then sent flying backward, splashing in the water with an explosion of purple smoke and light both from Hades and the Pirate Ship. Dark Pit yells out that the Chaos Kin in the ship. Posiedon tells them they have to find and defeat it. Pit and Dark Pit leave the ship hovering and race through trying to find the Chaos Kin as a battle between Hades and Posiedon rages below. Various shots break through the ship causing holes while they avoid the shots. After getting to a cetain part of the ship, now upright and repaired, the Chaos Kin breaks into the wall, seeing Pit and Dark Pit, then fleeing. They chase after it. After doing enough damage to it, it will fly out of the ship Dark Pit tells Posiedon they need to fly, and he struggles, but does so. The two fly, following and dealing damage to the Chaos Kin, with Posiedon and Hades in view. The two angels then land on the ship, Dark Pit making his way to the bridge, while Pit fights the Chaos Kin. Hades begins attacking the ship directly, but Posiedon makes efforts to stop him, which affects the ship as time goes on. Dark Pit must get to the bridge and Pit must deal enough damage to the Chaos Kin to keep it still. When this happens, Pit will jumps off of the ship as a massive laser from the ship hits the Chaos Kin. Posiedon, very weak, is about take what could be a finishing blow, but Hades stops then flies back in an explosion of purple smoke, falling into the sea, motionless. The Chaos Kin then gets up, and shines with darkness, completely healing, It then transforms, growing to the size of the ship, then smashing the ship, then flying off, sending Pit and Dark Pit falling, who are then extracted with a bright, blueish light.

Chapter 24Edit

Palutena, Viridi, Zeus, and Hades are now free from the Chaos Kin, and the 5 gods are now talking about how to defeat the seemingly invincible Chaos Kin. It feeds on souls, and when it took over Hades, it had a all-you-can-eat buffet of them, giving it an unimaginable amount of energy. Palutena, Zeus and Viridi thank Pit and Dark Pit for saving them as the two fly towards Dyntos' workshop, to once again, get a weapon, but this time to stop the Chaos Kin. Dyntos says hello again, and after a short conversation and fighting more forgeries in the air, Dyntos agrees to give Pit and Dark Pit weapons to use. Dark Pit points out that the Chaos Kin is probably on it's way to attack the humans and collect souls. Dyntos then says that they don't have to worry, since he put them all in a time stasis, esentially stopping time everywhere else. Pit and Dark Pit make it to Dyntos' workshop and to Dyntos, with a new combination of enemy forgeries to fight. They start on the path of the workshop, fighting enemies and eventually do two rerun bosses of the Yeti, the vicious Toxic Bear, and Megadalon. Throughout the chapter the gods have conversations with and about Pit and Dark Pit. Hades' noticeably gets Dark Pit frustrated while talking about how Dark Pit is only helping Pit to keep himself alive. Upon defeating the 3 bosses and long trail of enemies, they fight Dyntos' new weapons: The Light and Dark Sacred Treasures. After defeating them Hades' begins talking to Dark Pit, stating that this is his chance to join him, promising to give Dark Pit unlimited Power of Flight by hhimself, and individuality from Pit. Confuaed by anger and emotion, Dark Pit punches Pit who tries to talk to him, climbs into the Dark Sacred Treasure, flies off of the stage, and is extracted downward by Hades.

Chapter 25Edit

Pit is seen running and leaps up, activating the The Light Sacred Treasure, and then flies out of the large door. Flying above the ocean, he mourns for Dark Pit's choice to join Hades, and right before the end of the game, too. He reaches the Chaos Kin, who is as normal size right now. After a short amount of fighting, the Chaos Kin grows to the size of the Light Sacred Treasure, then again to the massive size of the Space Pirate Ship. Shortly after, it begins to flee, flying towards the town it's after. Poseidon then rises out of the water, cutting it off. It turns only to be blocked again by Zeus who comes down in a lightning bolt, and Hades rising from the water to completely trap it. Suddenly, Dark Pit rams the Light Sacred Treasure with the Dark Sacred Treasure. They begin to battle as the three gods face the Chaos Kin. After a conversation about the great team the two make, all that they've been through together, Pit tells him Hades' just wants them both gone. Even if they can stop the Chaos Kin, Hades qill continue his rule over Earth without them to oposse him. Finally relalizing Hades was controlling him with emotions, Dark Pit agrees to work together again. They start to fly back to the other battle going on when Hades says "Well, I think it's time we made this a fair fight!" as Medusa and Orcos rise out of the water with Hades' yellow eyes rather then their own. The Chaos Kin then flies over to Hades' "side" as Hades states "Four on Four!" with the Chaos Kin revealed to be fighting with Hades. Pit then takes on Medusa as Dark Pit takes on Orcos, only continuing when both are defeated. The then turn to aid Poseidon and Zeus againt Hades' and the Chaos Kin. Posiedon then surrounds the two enemies with water as Zeus ectricutes them with a lightning bolt. Hades and the Chaos Kin then begin to fly away at high speeds. Pit and Dark pit enter pursuit mode of the treasures and begin chasing after them, firing at weak points on both of the enemies as they fly around Hades' massive body. Hades and the Chaos Kin then land near a town. The two treasures then break apart, combining into one Ultimate Sacred Treasure, combining the force of both treasures into one. Pit and Dark Pit then continue fighting the Chaos Kin and Hades. Soon, Hades simply jumps at the two, puching them both with a crushing blow, breaking it apart. The parta then reform back into the Light and Dark Sacred Treasures. "Let's finish them!" Hades exclaims. The Chaos Kin then swings it's massive tail...and hits Hades, latching onto him. "I should have known..." he says before the Hades and theChaos Kin begins to transform and morph together into Chaos Hades. His eyes are a pure yellow, his hair the green color of the Chaos Kin's wings, and has bones of the Chaos Kin wrapped around his torso. "Now, I will finish them." says Chaos Hades with a foreign voice. They begin flighting, the Final Boss Battle with the Boss Fight music, fighting a Land Battle style of battle. (More information and battle gameplay on the Light and Dark Sacred Treasure page) Chaos Hades reels back in pain from the attacks delt out. Poseidong rises out of a lake, as Zeus crashes down in a blt of lightning. Chaos Hades forms a green force feild around himself and begins to fly into the air. Posiedon and Zeus try to attack him, but are blocked by the force feild. "My turn!" Viridi yells. A Reset Bomb crashes into Chaos Hades, shattering the force feild and sending him crashing to the ground. "LET'S FINISH THIS!" Pit and Dark Pit yell as they begin to charge up energy. Chaos Hades gets up and starts running towards them, but Pit and Dark Pit then release Final Strike. Chaos Hades struggles, walking forward and tries to throw a punch, but then desintigrates as the Final Strike ends. Pit and Dark Pit then both leap out of the Light and Dark Sacred Treasures yelling out "Victory!" they then fall, flying back up with the Power of Flight, listening to the cheers of the town, watching as Poseidon sinks back into the water and Zeus disappears into a bolt of lightning. The fly around the town having a short conversation between Pit, Dark Pit, Palutena, and Viridi about why they help people who don't deserve it, concluding that they help other because they would want help if they were in the same situation. They don't deserve help, but they don't deserve destruction. Giving up the argument, Viridi lets them fly peacefully away into the sunset, followed by the credits.

Bonus ChaptersEdit

Five bonus chapters can be unlocked via Treasure Hunt. (Inspired by Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels)

Bonus Chapter 1Edit

Pit and Dark Pit are now fighting against Phosphora, Holer, Uranos, and Aeoleous in a big 2 on 2 on 2 battle to determine who has the best comanders, although the others are already sure Pit and Dark Pit will win. They begin in the air near a cluster of floating islands, flying around, shooting and attacking each other. Palutena will often have Pit and Dark Pit change course depending on where they are veering, causing them to fly rather freely, fighting certain enemies depending on where they go. From chasing, to doging, to flat out shooting, and watching others shoot each other, Pit and Dark Pit land on the nearest island, affecting their starting point of the land battle. They must fight on these platforms, ride grind rails, take jumppads, and more to travel, fighting the other 4 commanders until they are all defeated. Afterwards, Viridi reminds them that she has two more comanders as a fireball flies down, knocking Pit and Dark Pit onto the large central island: Cragalange and Arlon at the same time. Initially, Cragalange has no weak point, but if Arlons attacks hit Cragalange from behind doing enough damage, it will reveal his weak point. Also, Cragalange can accidentally hurt Arlon. After the two are defeated, Pit and Dark Pit once again claim the titles as the strongest commanders.

Bonus Chapter 2Edit

Pit and Dark Pit are off, sent to defeat Thanatos. Aparently resurected again, Thanatos is leading the Underworld Army, most likely trying to continue to power up the Underworld Army and to resurect Mesusa or Orcos, since Hades soul(s) were consumed by the Chaos Kin. The Underworld Army is headed towards a human town near a mountain range with waves of enemies to slow down Pit and Dark Pit, knowing they can't actually stop them. Flying above the clouds, enemies begin to show up. They dive into and through a maze of cloud, avoiding and shooting enemies that come out of the clouds. They dive down more towards the ground. They spot Thanatos flying as a Glowdragon with streams of enemies following him. They start to fly towards him but the Underworld Gaurdian shows up, blocking their way. Dark Pit tells Palutena and Pit to send Pit after Thanatos while he takes on the Underworld Guardian. Pittoo begins to fight the now more powerful and quicker Underworld Guardian as Pit takes a shotcut through a canyon in the mountain range to catch up with Thanatos. The Underworld Gaurdian has many cannons and attacks that it uses and Dark Pit flies around, trying to land a hit on the side of his head with a facekick, but it dodges out of the way often and has to shoot other enemies as well. Pit faces no enemies, but must dodge many rocks formations in the thin canyon. Dark Pit finally lands a face-kick, taking the Underworld Guarding down, and begins flying towards the town as well. Thanatos is displeased by their efforts and fires a bomb that creates a massive rockslide to stop Pit. After avoiding rocks, backtracking, and flying up, Pit lands in fornt of the town, with Dark Pit still behind Thanatos. and Dark Pit, the power of flight used up comepletely. Dark Pit activates Hades' Power of Flight, flying above the plains. Pit fights off enemies as they get into the town. Dark Pit gets to Thanatos as they near the town and they begin air combat, but Thanatos eventually knocks Dark Pit out of the sky, towards Pit. The two then go into the town fighting off enemies. Thanatos then shows up, smashing though buildings. The two must fight him, dealing enough damage to get rid of his Glowdragon form. He then flees to another part of the town. Upon reaching him, the boss battle begins. He shows off his new transformations of a giant hand, a huge wasp, and a tank. After defeating him, enemies fly towards him. He transforms them into souls and absorbs them, becoming a giant clump of snakes, weilidng swords, spears, and mallets. After defeating him, he states that the Underworld Army is gone. That was their last attack and the rest of their army. Angered at Pit, he explodes, riding the world from enemies from the Underworld once and for all.

Bonus Chapter 3Edit

A huge, powerful band of robber warriors are on their way to a town! Play as Magnus along with Gaol to fight them off and defeat their powerful leader. Magnus begins at an Inn in the middle of the night, informed of the army of robbers by Gaol, they both then quickly make their way out of the town as the robbers advance in large numbers. They reach Magnus and begin fighting, but are no match for Magnus and Gaol with their weapons from Dyntos. Some of the forces start to retreat, but as they look to the town, they see many robbers scaling the walls of the town and entering. Magnus tells Gaol to go as fast as she can back to the town, being quicker than he, and they both eventually make it to the town. Gaol must take one path through the town, fighting enemies, while Magnus takes a quicker route (smashing through a small, abandoned house) to catch up with Gaol. Aided by archers, (Juggernauts were taken back after the Underworld Army was defeated.) they take on another wave of enemies, then fighting the powerfully built leader of the robbers, Lord Shenangi and his finest warrior, the giant Kiladeck, who may surpass even Magnus in strength. With Gaol and Dyntos' weapons, both foes are defeated and the robber army retreats.

Bonus Chapter 4Edit

Pit and Dark Pit are up for a Charriot Race: One with Phos, and the other with Lux racing on land, since they can't fly unless both Uniforns are on the same charriot. They race across various terrain, shooting each other, dodging obstacles, taking cetain paths, hitting sprint pads, and crossing jumps. After many minutes, they reach the designated finish line displaying the victor accompanied with some dialogue. The areas go as follows: Grasy Hills near That First Town, Grassy plains near That Burning Town, the mountainous terrain near the Dark Lords's Castle and Reaper Valley, by the Ancient Ruins and Earthbound Temple, into the Snowy mountains by the IceCrystal Pallace, down past the ravine to the Underworld, into the desert past and over the pyramids, into the ocean (parted by Posiedon for the race), past the Stormsea Temple out at the Oceanside Bay, and into Meadows near another human city, and to the finish. When one of the angels loses all of their health, they begin at the last checkpoint they've passed, losing hearts. The player in second is often given a speed boost to help them reach the other angel, making it a challenge the whole race through. This can be played with two players as a competitive chapter, like Bonus Chapter 1.

Bonus Chapter 5Edit

(Other fangame inspired) Pit and Dark Pit finally have a rematch, both leaping out of the door exclaiming "Let's do this!", battling in the air, and then battling in an arena set up by Palutena. He uses a first blade in the air, and a silver bow on land. He can be knocked back and inflicted with status effects unlike a boss, but he has a very large amount of health. Dark Pit will change strategies depending on how much damage he's takes, occasionally using the power of flight, along with a few power attacks. After taking enough damage, he'll then fly over to another area of the battlefield, and grind rails will appear, adding a way to get to different parts of the battlefield: an area with many pillars in which dark pit switches to an Ogre Club. Another area includes a long grind rail section towards a tower on the battle field where he'll be shooting with his Dark Pit Staff. In an open area, he'll be using a cutter palm. Once you hurt him enough in these other area, he'll fly back to the central arena, where he'll be waiting with the same weapon your using fighting to see the victor. In solo, if you die, you'll continue the battle from the beginning of the area you died at at a lower intensity. In 2 player mode, both players simply use the battlefield to their advantage fighting with their weapon of choice, but both players have added health. When one player is taken out, the battle ends with a cutscene of the victor helping other up, and the loser congratulating the victor and some other diologue. This is an unlockable multiplayer stage after the chapter is beaten.