4 years after the defeat of the King of the Underworld ,Hades, humans and gods are in peace. After the legendary Zeus's death, Ares and his sister Enyo, the god and goddess of war and violence, want to take his lightning bolt to overrule all gods. Palutena, Pit, and Dark Pit are all trying to stop them, but they aren't alone, soon they come along Sky, a female angel warrior. Will they beat Ares and Enyo to Zeus's Lightning Bolt.


Kid icarus

In this game there are three different story modes that you can go back and forth from on your profile. There is one for Pit, Dark Pit, and the new character, Sky. So you can play a few chapters of Pit's story then switch and start Sky's story. Since they are all on the same mission, the stories intertwine once in a while. Also, to unlock certain chapters you have to complete each character's story up to a certain point, for instance the final boss battle. It is also the same as Kid Icarus: Uprising, there is an air battle, a land battle, and a boss battle for each chapter.

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