25 years have passed since Hades lost against Pit and Palutena. Since then, the world lives in peace and Viridi finally forgive humans. For the humans, she created a gigantic tree that gives vital energy in the world. Humans always took good care of it, but one day it burns down completely and that's where the first mission begins.


Pit along with Dark Pit are gods: Pit is the god of peace and Dark Pit is the god of strong will. Also, Pit isn't the servant of Palutena anymore.

Crys: one of the two new servants of the goddess of light has a kind personality and often talks too much. He seems to care a lot of Anym and is very attracted to her.

Anym: the second servant of the Goddess Palutena. She is very aggressive and gets angry easily. Also, she seems to use a lot of swear words. Besides, she is good friends with Crys.


You start with two new weapons:

Crys having a double palm; it is much like a palm but with a two handed usage (this features the two pen possibilities) and Alym having a hammer which has very weak shots but when it charges you are launching the hammer and it will cause much damage. Also you can control its shots and the direction where it is flying during the launch.


1.The Great Burn

The chapter starts with Crys and Alym talking about how this is their first flight, lather palutena interrupts them telling them that there is an emergency. So they both fly to the great tree where the Forces of nature are attacking the tree town. During the mission, Palutena tries to remind Viridi the times when they beat Hades together, but Viridi seems to be too angry to listen to her. Later, during the land battle, there are so much forces of nature that Palutena needs to retreat Crys and Anym from battle. So they failed their first mission.

2.Magnus Returns

The chapter begins with a prologue: Crys and Anym are lying on their beds and talking about whether or not they are bad servants. After that, Palutena calls them and sends them to their next mission, to an abandoned fortress of the Forces of Nature.

Gameplay and Game ModesEdit

The principal story works like that of kid icarus uprising but at the begin of every mission you decide who do you play.