Masks are fan-made weapons making thier debut in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. They can only be used by Pit and are worn over his eyes.


All Masks have a high probability of inflicting a status ailment, such as Paralysis or Poison. They are not suited for melee, but can shoot continuously without stopping. Masks do not normally slow Pit down, while some actually speed him up. Masks can change Pit's appearance and, in some cases, allow him to sneak through certain areas without being attacked.


Standard MaskEdit

The first Mask available to Pit. It has a chance to Confuse an enemy it hits.

Laser HelmetEdit

This Weapon has the farthest range of any mask, and the third farthest range of any weapon in the game. It has a chance of Paralyzing or Burning an enemy it hits.

Aurum MaskEdit

A mask created using Aurum technology, this mask makes Pit look like a member of the Aurum rank and file. It has long range and powerful dash shots.