Perseus is an antagonist fought in Kid Icarus: The Mother Goddess. Perseus is a boy in his teens, but receives dark powers from Nyx and begins his takeover of the world. At one point, he was a student of Orpheus.


Perseus is a short, scrawny boy who is about 15 years old. His hair is wiry, messy, and greasy. He wears a weapons belt at all times and is clothed in black armor to symbolize his devotion to Nyx. There is a scar that reaches from his left wrist to his right shoulder across his back.


In short, Perseus is rude, self-centered, and naive. He is very clever, and uses many tricks and feints when he fights. Having studied under Orpheus for most of his life, he is very knoweledgable. However, Perseus is reluctant to kill at times, which shows that he might be clinging on to his humane side.


Perseus is a very proficient swordsman, especially for his age. Since he was imbued with Nyx's dark powers, he can shoot bolts of Chaos Energy out of the tip of his sword. On the rare occasion that he uses a sheild, Perseus exhibits his unnatural physical strength by hurling it like a Disc.