How Pit Came To BeEdit

Pit was a normal boy named Icarus who one day went flying with his father/Daedalus's hand made wings. The wax holding them together was melted by Icarus going to close to the sun, which in turn sent him plumeting into the ocean. With her all seeing eye, the Goddess Palutena rescued the young boy from the ocean because she had a vision of Icarus saving her many times in the future. She came down in a human form and took Icarus from the ocean and revived him. There were still feathers from the wing covering him turning him into an angel when he was revived. Because of an unfortunate incident during the revival Icarus lost his memory. Palutena renamed him Pit because she found him in a hole at the bottom of the sea. Palutena kept his past a secret from him and just changes the subject whenever he mentions Icarus and doesn't tell him who his father is. Palutena returned him to an infant so he could be trained to have the life of an angel and the leader of an army.

Pit Now (unfinished) Edit

Now, pit is a boy with a young appearence who leads palutena's army of centurions. currently in Kid Icarus: Uprising he is at war with medusa's army, better known as the underworld army. but right when you think it's all over, hades, the REAL leader of the underworld army tears up the credits and basicly tells you its not over yet. so the he has to kill hades.

Pit in the Future (Unfinished)Edit

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