Senku is a character created by Taylor Gorrell appearing in Kid Icarus: Clash of Angels. One of the Synthetic Angels, he is an enemy of Pit and Trip for most of the story.


Senku's physical appearance is the youngest of all Synthetic Angels shown in the game, being only around the age of 5 or 6, though his voice sounds more like a teenager's voice. He has short, streamlined dark blue hair and green eyes. His outfit is standard, colored dark blue and accented with white. His wings are sky blue with sleek, steel feathers.


Unlike the rather polite Goryu or Ohka, Senku is a loudmouth that makes smart remarks to pretty much anyone, even Parshath (though he still respects him). He enjoys beating down Organics (except humans, which would tick off Goryu) for no reason other than fun. Senku is cocky, confident and rude in battle. He speaks with an Irish accent.


Senku is first seen alongside his comrades Goryu and Ohka, together as the Terrific Triad. After a boss battle, the three escape, but Ohka's wings give out and she crashes, Goryu and Senku not even stopping. Senku just looks at her as he flies.

Senku is seen later, again with Goryu, but now with a clone of Ohka: Goku En. Senku calls Goku En a complete bore and asks Ohka to rejoin them, but she refuses.

When Erebus rises, Goryu and Senku switch sides, becoming allies to Pit and the others. At the end of the game, Senku returns to the other dimension along with the other Synthetic Angels (sans Artem and Ohka).


Like all Synthetic Angels, Senku has basic weapon knowledge, but this is never seen. Senku is known for his incredible speed, being the speed of the Terrific Triad. However, his young body makes him frail, having the least HP of the three (but also the hardest to hit). In battle, he is most proficient with Boots weapons. The Senku Boots are unlockable.


  • "I'd have flipped you off if this game's rating was any higher!" (Senku to Pit after the latter reacts to his attitude)
  • "Grrrr... what glitch did you exploit to beat us, you hacker?!" (Senku after the Terrific Triad is beaten for the first time)
  • "The only thing we should watch out for are a group of angel-goddess hybrids." (Senku poking fun at Pit and Palutena's relationship)


  • Senku, along with Goryu, Ohka, and Goku En, are named after the "Majestic/Malevolent Mech" cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.
  • Senku's hair color, hair style, eye color, and speed may be a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog; A similarity that Trip points out in the game.