The salad wizard is a boss in Kid Icarus: Return to the Mirror. It is first introduced in Chapter 2. It resembles a hovering bowl of salad with a large mouth, no eyes, and large porcelain feet floating below it. It wears a small black toga and has a small, leafy vine coming out of it's side that holds it's staff, which resembles the Hewdraw Club from Kid icarus: Uprising. It has 3 attacks, which are

  • Throwing explosive carrots
  • Turning your head into a tomato and trapping you in a head of lettuce
  • casting the eggplant curse and trying to eat you


When playing as Pit:

(after being summoned)

Salad wizard: Delicous! I've been craving fried angel wings!

Pit: I'm not food, you creep!

Salad wizard: But your scent is so divine!

Palutena: He's an angel. What did you expect?

Salad wizard: I'm sorry, madame, but there is no time for chatting! (lunges at pit)

(During boss battle)

Salad wizard: Did you miss me?

Pit: Ugh... just when I started to forget about him...

Salad wizard: You can't escape me now! (Blocks exits with giant tomatoes)

Pit: Tell me what you know about the great wizard!

Salad wizard: Never!!!! (Battle begins)

(When Pyrrhon attacks)

Salad wizard: Dear me... what a strange creature...

(Pyrrhon burns salad wizard)

Salad wizard: Oh! (Explodes into green slime)

When playing as Pittoo:

(When summoned)

Salad wizard: My snack's looking a wee bit goth today, master...

Great wizard: I have no time for complaints! Attack!

Pittoo: Die (Shoots, but falls)

Salad wizard: How sad.....