This is a weapon exclusive in my fanfic & by Chong Kah How 12:10, May 8, 2012 (UTC).

This weapon are knives-wired with energy threads & was recommended for Rozen


This weapon is unique for it have the user to throw knives at enemy & it will also hits even if the enemy is between two or more knives, allowing a chain of damage to be done with one shot. While in melee, the user will just harm the enemy with knives & sometimes one hits equals to more than 1. This is because of the energy threads that are linked to the knives are used the bind the enemies. But this weapon's weakness is that it can only target one enemy at a time.


Assasin's Knives - Knives formerly used by a well-known assassin. It serves as Rozen's first weapon.

Rose Thorne - Knives made from roses. With the thorny & wire-line vines, it can be quite deadly. Normal shots & melee will often releashes a shower of rose petals while the charged shots can imprisones one in a web of prickly wires.

Dancing Daggers - Knives that were said to have the souls of dancers. These Knives can allow the user to land extra melee hits on enemies while the charged shots are throwing a barrage of knives with some followed behind.